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Birthdate:Jul 1, 1986
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:My Livejournal! =D
Born in '86.
Bisexual female.

Final Fantasy follower (especially games part of the Ivalice Alliance).
Total Harry Potter dork.
Science and history geek.
Homestuck obsessed.
Femslash worshipper.

A Bit About Me:
Primarily, I work a lot on my writing skills, because frankly, it's the best thing I do. I'm constantly writing (except when I hit a draw only patch). I'm mostly a fanfiction writer who's very addicted to shipping characters in a wide variety of fandoms. I do do original fic, but not often enough I'm sad to report. I've written fanfics since I was 15 years old and my stuff can be found on various sites like (Valie), and (BatchSan), (Hamimi_FK), and (Hamimifk).

Fic wise, I tend to flock to dark!fic, angst, humor, femslash/slash, au/ar, anthropomorphic pairings, crossovers, background stories, first times, fics inspired by songs, suspense, and cute/fluffy stuff. Thus, most of the fics I read or write will contain one or more of these elements. And I also happily ship small fandoms! Woo!

I also like to draw and hope to have my own webcomic someday.

Oh, and did I mention my love of horror movies and stories/books? A good horror movie/story will keep me entertained for days if it captures my imagination enough. *rubs hands together*

... Though spiders scare me. ._.;




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