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Drawn for [livejournal.com profile] subluxate's fic, We Can't Buy Freedom.

[livejournal.com profile] sarcasticsra did a fanmix for this fic as well!

“What’s yours?” Joe asked.

“Frankensteinsmask at Hotmail. Yours?”

Joe grunted. “You looking to get caught, Igor? That’s a giveaway.”

“Only if they’re checking every newly-created email address on every host.”

“Lickmydick at Yahoo.”

Jensen nearly smiled. “Easy to remember.”

Joe didn’t say anything, just walked back toward the lot. Jensen went in the other direction, toward the garage, where he found a decent enough Accord, probably four years old, scraped and dented but with a healthy-sounding engine when he wired it. It would do.

Piper’s bedroom was an easy find, and he lifted her to his hip, pressing her face into his shoulder in case she cried.

After they’d finished, Joe stood, stripping off his dirtied shirt as he walked toward the bathroom. Jensen let himself admire the play of muscles in Joe’s back.

To Piper, she said, “I’m Case. Can you say Case?”

“Case,” Piper repeated. “Case-Case.” She reached for Case’s hair; Case swung it away.

“None of that, sweetheart. Let’s get out of your daddy’s way.”

“Daddy!” Piper shrieked when Jensen got to her preschool, zooming over to him. “Lookit what I made!”

“What is it?”

She grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the wall. “I drawed a picture.”

“Oh did you?” He followed her over and waited while she stooped to her milk crate cubby and pulled out an oversized sheet of construction paper.

“Look!” she said proudly. She unfurled it and handed it to him.

He crouched down beside her, holding it out in front of him. “That's me and Uncle Joe?” he asked, and she nodded. “And you and Aunt Casey?”

“Yeah!” Piper grinned at him. “We all drawed our families.”

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